Friday, 28 May 2010

Peace 2010

No Religion is different but
why everyone has their name?
Stop to look & think & grin,
they're always precicely,same !

All the people they are nice,
alone they're good and kind.
Group or class or herd or caste,
make them cruel, selfish & blind.

Human ! You're part of God,
no one borns with gun in hand.
Be & see & keep your words,
peace must be in this land !

The year of peace has also come,
in the name of dove & moon.
be in yourself thinking others,
Peace'll flourish, later or soon.
Brothers, sisters let us stand
the time is running fast & fast
Treat your neighbors like your own
-knowing deeper the past has passed!

The more we know the more we need,
forgiving past the strong we be.
However we write 'the wrong is wrong',
The truth is always truth to me.

Every country has its value,
put the parts of body in mind
without deserts,hills or snow-
Imagine how would you find?

Let us wander then we'll wonder
by the nature when we see.
How a garden tends to balance,
with a big bird, without a bee?

Saying & Doing are two different things
One has legs but other has wings.
Travel, learn when you go and see,
opens your eyes but lets you be !

Midst of jungles the lions rule,
some are sober but many are cruel
civics, culture shape & tame
some to blame but stay a lame?

Never try to force or insist,
Praise the humans of this world
Everyone has peace & power-
Watch they've got from their Lord !

The world itself is a nation,
'Stand yourself to keep & try.
The peace will be everywhere and
no one ever has to cry!

The Hope of Peace is everywhere now,
in the year of Twenty Ten
Again the Lord has led the way,
who are we to fix and bend?

- Ananta Risal 8/19/1990 [I wrote this poem while I was during my third year of College in Mysore, India doing my Computer Science Engineering. The last two lines are modified. Photo is from the Peace 2009 program in NJ.]

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