Saturday, 26 March 2016

An Appeal to Animal Rights & Justice !

An Appeal to Animal Rights & Justice !

American Heroes you're strong and bold
You are our legends, mythical, old
Amazing Marvel, an eternal bliss
You bring hope with everlasting peace

I know you are righteous & capable
A heartful, in wisdom, always available
I know you are wise & rightful judge
Powerful, justice without any grudge !
People harm Animals, people harm Trees
Earth, Wind and Rivers, Mountains & Seas
I am so sorry, I can't make them stop
Their milk is theirs' & farmland crop

I pray, I wish, I could set them free
What they are is always they'd like to be

Where're my Superman, Batman, Rex?
Avengers, Captain or Sci-fi-techs ?

X-Men, Storm with Fantastic Four
Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk & Thor?

Guardians of Galaxy, can cure barn & yard
Heroes are protective, Shields your guard ?

Thousands of Ant-Men who could never save
All seem very strong but are they really brave?

I can't harm people but request to stop
Please have mercy, help me reach cop

Protect from slaughters, laws to bind
Why American Heroes are hard to find ?

Your milk is yours and children are cute
Your pride is yours but natives are mute

Your spirit is yours, all farmland crop
I am so sorry I cant make them stop !

Tell me the difference between a dog and a cow?
A goat or a pig or a bird or a meow ?

Hearts with soul and passion of will
Compassion in masks, disguise in thrill !

Do you see life in stones, rivers or cars ?
Aren't sand pebbles are smart, from stars?

Particles and atoms are all intertwined
Energy is the source of existence behind !

A force and power is needed to make
A change in strength as subtle they break

A cosmos is released to engrave bio-sphere
To enjoy the union or to unite and cheer !

We feel and see to acknowledge the fact
Praise the Mother Lord for her divinely act

A little time to view her infinite wisdom
Mystery of self with a melody and rhythm !

Smart are clouds and so are grains
Joy of life yet painful strains

Without an intellect you're colorful blind
Life is dual and so is our Mind !

I am so sorry I couldn't do anything more
I myself is a homeless, an alien, poor
If they catch me alone, I get fired & die
My Status, a small gesture, before I say good bye !
-Ananta G Risal

[Without compassion - communism becomes a lustful, lunatic, tyranny, a greed fulfilling selfish political doctrine. Without consciousness - capitalism becomes evil, self centered, a hidden canvas for brutality, a safe heaven for cruelty and anarchy, uncultured barbaric, disturbed, endless breeding ground for hostility, carnism and chaos. Without compassion or consciousness - political parties can't survive long on their own and eventually become a selfish-lone-wolf. ]