Saturday, 3 December 2011

Thankful For Giving, Forgiving - Thanks Giving !

We are thankful to the Lord for this Universe & Earth,
Thankful to ancestors, for our-selves and this birth!
Thankful to the elements, Sun & the moon
All the stars for this moment, miracle so soon !

We're thankful to our mothers, heartfelt to fathers
Sweet spouse & children, siblings, sisters & brothers !
Thankful to the country where we took our first steps
Thankful the people we admired, taught to speak & dress!

Relatives and our friends, neighbors and the rest
All the countries we lived, simply are the best!
Thankful to Nepal & India, where I traveled, in my early years
Studied, enjoyed every moments with friendly departing tears!

A tiny little Singapore where I lived & worked hard
Smart & working people clean, places I can't dis-regard !
A decade in the US soil, a freedom spirit kind at heart
Where I see the world with eyes, liberty hopes & wings of art !

Thankful to this freedom land,open laws & opportunity, gold
Thankful to the United Nations,apparently tried & tend to hold !
Thankful to the seven billions- of hearts in the people
Thanks to the wonderful lives in animals, insects & beetle
Birds in the sky land, wonderful creatures under water
Earth is indeed a fertile home,day & night to feed us,cater!  

Thankful to the colleagues at work, friendship for the coffee or tea
We tend to fight & unite again, costly seldom but many times for free!
Thanks to the Pundits, knowledge they bring, experience we all share
Kindness we gather, unifying force, to build our home with care !

Let's serve the poor & old & sick, women,children who're at risk
Vulnerable, threatened as they are, soothing their way with caring in brisk!   
Abundance we received,achieved & gained,now is the time to give away our all
We aimed for big & high & fast but the path we forgot for slow & small!

Thankful to virtues, blunders & mistakes we might have unknowingly made
Sorry to those whom we've forgotten,if rough words were unwillingly said !
Let the past be unfold, careful the future, indeed looks sunny & bright!
We are thankful to those who came our way, forgiving us for our blind sight!

Ananta Risal - Thanks Giving - 2011