Friday, 28 June 2013

Cow, an exceptional animal - Story 11

From a gross physical aspect cows are considered as prosperity and wealth. But cow has additional forms from different levels such as celestial and more superior spiritual plains. None other animals have profound qualities. Cows are divine bovine-goddess who can fulfill our every possible human wishes and needs. Even from the mundane earthly perspective, cows are more superior and useful than any other animals. Cows milk and ghee are considered revere and are used in worships, or most of the Hindu rituals. Cow urine and dung are also used as sacred media to ritually purify during holy occasions. In Sri Bhagbad Geeta, Krishna says he is the Kamadhenu among all cows. In Vrisni clan he is the Basudev. All the members of the Vrisni clan are great personalities but Basudev is an exceptional. Similarly all the cows are Kamadhenu too. Not many people know about her metaphysical or cosmic aspect or  collective spiritual significance but still they get attracted to her silent beauty and elegance.
A student named Satyakama had a strong wish to study the-self-knowledge and went to a sage named Gautama and with folded hand he put forward his request to preach him the ultimate divine knowledge. The teacher remained in silence for a while and asked the student to take 400 lean and thin cows from the hermitage and take care of them. He asked them to let graze where there is best grass in the jungle and when they multiply and reach 1000, then bring them back. The student, with all his mind and wit, took care of all the cows until they become healthy and weighty. He was so much focused that he did not even know how to count until a bull told him in human language that they have reached 1000 and now time to return. “Please let us take us back to the spiritual master”. By the grace of mother cow, the bull taught student all need divine knowledge. The Agni deity also taught him the necessary spiritual knowledge. As soon as the enlightened student reached and bow down to the master, the master noticed and mentioned that he has this radiating glow on his face.”Who gave you this divine knowledge?”, he questioned. “Did you not find someone else in the forest and considered him as your Guru?” Then the student replied,”By the grace of you and cows, you yourself came as the Agni (the Fire God) and gave me all these divine knowledge.” Cow service has such potential to attain the highest wisdom. The sound energy and sonic vibration  that is produced by cows have presence of celestial divinity, which give student the ultimate knowledge of the supreme.
**Hari Ohm Tatsat** - By Mastaram Baba, HanumanSheela, Rishikesh

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Delightful services to Cow is merciful & blissful - Story - 10

If we do the tasks that Gopal (Lord Krishna) performs and loves the most, it would definitely make him rejoiceful. Servicing cows, protecting the herd are the pastimes of Gopala. Lead a life of a hermit and practice austerity or remain fully dedicated by remembering Lord’s name all the times. When Gopal lifted the Gobardhan mountain,all the cowboys also holded their sticks up. The entire mountain can not be lifted by a finger nor by bunch of sticks but only by the grace of Mother Cows. Because these cowboys lifted the sticks Gopala felt glorious about their involvement. From deep inside Gopal and Go are identical.
Cows are the motherly symbol of the world but especially for those from the Indian subcontinent, they are indeed considered as motherly icon. Now, for the Hindus without any doubts Cows are considered like their own mothers and for those who are listening or reading these stories too. Goddess Parvati said, ‘Viswanath was her Purari’, who is an enemy to the devils. Lord Shiva is known as the caretaker of the universe but he is still known as the caretaker of Parvati too. We also call Earth as our mother and such are Cows. Cows are mother of the world. Particular to Hindus, she is considered as a special mother. For Hindus, when a person is born, ‘Pancha-Gabya’ is considered as a part of purification ritual. Similarly during marriage ceremony,at the deathbed - cow urine, dung, ghee,curd and milk are reverently applied. Even among Hindus, depending on how dedicated devotee they are of their mothers, understand the inner importance based on their knowledge and understanding. There are various types of mothers in a society but they are all considered as mothers. Like our mother, who may be uneducated, uncivilized in modern terms, who may not know how to read, write or speak properly but still she is our loving mother. Those who do not see cows as celestial or sacred being or just a simple form of an animal, they could not receive or gain spiritual benefits from them. Those who do not consider Cows as deity, full of inner consciousness of mind or life-force, they can not reap godly benefits. Even Muslims who do not consider cows as like Hindus do, but while milking they also sit like a calf. They also love to feed cow milk to their own children. In olden days,cow milk was never sold for money.They were either used for Hawan, ritual sacrifices, or fed to the children, unhealthy, poor, guests, old citizen but never sold for material purpose.
We call cow to a mother or also to mother earth. Great King Prithu once ruled the mother earth which was in the form of a cow. The cow told that she stole and ate a lot of grains from the people. People have also done many mischiefs, caused harm and evil to me but you can milk me and retract prosperity.King Prithu milked the divine cow and gave necessary ambrosia, grains, medicines to the deities, humans and demons respectively.In Upanisads too cows have made some sound vibrations and the sonic energy became ‘Ohm-kaar’ which signifies and considered as one of the most revere, eternal and auspicious spiritual sound wave. 
Senses are always wanting to fulfil its desire and satisfy the lust, like a vulture always look for meat or raw flesh. Similarly Mleshyas, uncivilized and barbarous, people with lustful taste and dark culture, full of ignorance, see cows as meat and their source of food. They would not see or consider the divinity within cows. There was a chief of Radha Swamy organization and when I asked him how we consider cow as our mother? He said it is just an animal. How can an animal be like our deity or a mother? Even to holy Ganga he said it is just a river, it is very clean here in Rishikesh but in Calcutta it is so dirty. But I told him, no matter how dirty it might be but still she is Ganga and has the same divinity. She has all the spiritual energy and quality to wipe out our past sins. Only the devotees of Ganga or Cows would know the importance of their significance. Only those who are devotees of their mother and father would know their acceptance and essential purpose. They can truly appreciate, love, praise and get touched by the glory. **Hari Ohm Tatsat** -By Sri Mastaram Baba, Hanuman-Shila, Rishikesh.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cow protection by Hindu Warriors and Hermits - Story - 9

“Spiritual individuals,sadhus or hermits shouldn't be involved in day to day community or administrative work” is the argument that rulers, kings or administrators put forward. It is also the duty of these rulers to make sure that the symbol of righteousness, cows are protected from every possible means.Virtues of such right action should be well established by the rulers too. It is indeed a duty of Sadhus to meditate, devote and perform penance in front of the holy river Ganga banks. But that does not mean they will stay quiet and watch or continue on their meditation and chanting if they see someone drowning in the river? If he knows how to swim and float he should jump immediately and save the victims life. If the sadhu doesn't know how to swim then he should pro-actively attempt to call for help or request boat men in the vicinity. If he could not help the victim from any possible way out then at least pray Lord to save the victim from this suffering and difficult situation.The victim has to be helped until the last possible breath. If the victim is completely drowned or died, then there is no option left. This is the Dharma of Sadhus, a rightful humanitarian action. Yes, don’t get into immoral activities by forgetting all the sadhu characteristics breaking celibacy vows.

Shivaji was a great warrior and worked on defence of Hindu values. There was a muslim pervert villager who was beating a cow and showing his inhumane cruelty. Hence he was brought to justice and both of his hands were chopped off. When Shivaji was small he was being accompanied by his father and brought to the palace of a muslim king. Shivaji was being asked to perform namaskar to the king with both of his hands closed and folded. He replied that he would not bow to them who make cow suffer and slaughter. He was firm in decision and stubborn since his early childhood. He was passionate about his duty and never deviated from his principles. He would protect his own religion, beliefs and convictions all he could without letting other religions or followers of different faith get hurt. He was a prominent protector of Hindu religion. Shivaji later established a competent and progressive civil rule with the help of a disciplined military and well-structured administrative organisations. He indeed became a great Hindu king but if he finds an unattained holy Quran he used to give it back to a Mullah with respect. He never let any soldiers of his own look down upon any muslim sisters, daughters. He demanded and made sure women are being escorted to their homes from the street with all needed respect to avoid vulnerability. To dutifully obey the Hindu religion but at the same time not allowing other non Hindus to fear from his belief was his speciality. Cow is the representation of Hindu culture. 

Cows have not led Indian subcontinent into dependency or into enslavement. The mindset and letting external invasion of culture and beliefs brought the continent into imprisonment and captivity. A country becomes autonomy and maintains its sovereignty only with its Dharma, righteousness, appropriate karma and respect towards people. Politics have touched every possible corners of life. Even Ashrams, an ascetic hermitage are also being polluted by mundane attractions and unlawful expansions. “Denounce every possible worldly desires, avoid sense gratifications and devote your time to remember Lord” are the lessons we get inspired by holy scriptures. If you are able to do this lord promises us that he will come and stop cow slaughter and protect them from disasters. Hence let this be the job of Lord Hari or even if you do help Lord Gopal’s do his job, he will be happy anyways. Saving cows being slaughtered and protecting them from suffer is nothing less than to pray,meditate or becoming a religious person. “Assume if I stay here in my cave and start promoting Geeta bhawan, you think administrators at Geeta bhawan they will not be happy?” Or if I promote Paramartha, obviously the administrators at Paramartha will be happy. Similarly if we promote cow protection, be active in help cow get their share - obviously Lord will be very happy. This work is more than doing bhajan, prayers or even meditation. No one can do prayers all the times, and if we spare time to help Cow protection it will be a great karma and service to the earth. Otherwise if we can remember Lord all the times he will make sure and stop cow slaughtering. This is for certainty. ** Hari Ohm Satsat **  - By Sri Mastaram Baba, Hanuman Sheela, Rishikesh.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hindu Dharma is like a Cow - Story 8

People may enquire about how Hindu Dharma is like and the answer should be similar to a Cow. Bull represents Dharma, the righteousness, virtues or representation of good Karma. Dharma has four pillars. Dharma, Artha, Kaama, Mokhsya - Right Knowledge, Right Fortune, Right Actions or Karma and Right Purpose or goal in life. The purpose being full freedom and liberation from attachments, ignorance and dualism. 
There are four Varna, colors of life. There are four Ashrama, retreats or stages of life. Hindu Dharma has four legs. Veda also describes the four aspects of Bhrahma, Ohm - the sound energy. The people who are slaughtering Cows or Bulls are intentionally involved in destroying the mother earth. Something that binds us in righteousness, right karma it is called Dharma. Because Earth holds us, protects us and embraces us and we call her Dhara. Dhara and Dharma are synonyms.
Hindu Dharma is like a mother, full of compassion, nurturing, caring and pleasant. Hindu dharma has a lot of pilgrimages and so do cows. All pilgrimages reside within cows. Nature and Soul are not separate, they live in coexistence as complement each other. Similarly to Radha and Krishna, they can NOT be dissociated. We can con-firmly declare that Hindu Dharma and Cow are indivisible, inseparable and identical. As we can also declare with confirmation that the essence of bulls and cows have the same identity. Their personality, psychological behavior and values assert sameness. Cow is the form of earth and Bull represents the governing principles of earth. Cow is the symbol of Dharma as explained in the four pillars. In Hinduism, Cow does not signify or considered only as a mundane wealth.
In these materialistic world people see everything with their materialistic eyes rather with virtuous or moral excellence. Material progress has dominated the intellectual or spiritual civilization. Wealth follows the virtues and morality not the other way around. Human development, progress and constructions are the results of blissfulness and liberation, not the other way around.

Speak the truth, softly with pleasant mind and full of love like cows. Cow (Gau) in sanskrit also means senses. All senses are fulfilling and so are the cows. Hindu Dharma is based on Cow as she provides every ritual elements that are needed from birth till death. Even during the instance of dying or delay abode or during abstaining from ultimate freedom she is the source of knowledge and liberation. She shines the perspective of emancipating from materialistic bondage. ‘Panch Gabya’, five resourceful live elements (milk, curd, butter, urine and dung) are given to humans as soon as they are born. They are of reverence and intensely stimulating, nutritious, vivacious and full with highly nurturing spirit. During the span of Hindu ritual life the cow-dung and cow-urine are also considered useful and holy, full of glory and respect. In a Hindu house, after the death of a family member they cover over or touch up the doorsteps with cow-dung, give cow-urine as Ganga-jal on the mouth of deceased and donate cows to the needy. 
There is a saying that after the death, if a family donates a cow it makes it easier for deceased one to cross the difficult rivers on the way towards his/her celestial destination. Cows have their own divine abode,aka goloka, where Krishna is the protector.
Hindus have well connection with cows before or even after the death. Salutations and victory to the mother cow. ** Hari Ohm Tatsat **  

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cow has its own Milky Way - Story 7

Don’t think cow as an ordinary animal and take them lightly. Cows have their own cosmos and a beautiful celestial universe where Lord Krishna resides and rejoices. If cows get agitated and threatened they can even kill and get rid of those who cause them agony and pain. It was an auspicious mountain worship day aka; ’Gobardhan Pooja’,during which none other than mountain deity was to be worshipped. It was believed that instead of Indra, the king of heaven, mountain seem to be protective deity and useful as it provided people and cows with grass and wonderful herbs. That is the reason why the name ‘Go-bardhan’, cow caretaker, must have been given to it. Yes, Indra helps rainfall but so what? As people and animals were giving more importance to the mountain than him, Indra got angry. This worship event became an obstacle to his pride and share. He propelled cloud of poisonous gas to harm the village with smoke. Immediately after which Indra attacked the villagers with large sized bomb like hails and with powerful flood. Everyone panicked and obviously suffered a lot. Braj was held captive and confined as Indra took control over them by creating natural calamity. Krishna had to come to rescue them.

We see that Krishna was holding the entire mountain with his little finger but the villagers were also putting some efforts to raise with their sticks. Gobardhan will rise with the blessings from Radha Rani,who is the princess of the Goloka. Some may ask if Goloka is of cows, where does Radha come into the picture as a princess? Radha herself is in the form of cow. She is the princess and protector of cows. Lord Krishna and cows can easily stop the slaughtering of cows in the world if they wish, we shouldn’t underestimate their strengths. We see many powerful people, strong warriors are involved in protecting cows. We saw many people with ego and pride like ‘Sugriba’, the monkey who helped Lord Rama in the jungle. Rama didn’t kill his brother Baali first and encouraged Sugriba also to put his efforts. Otherwise he would think he could kill Baali himself easily. Cows are also checking on us, testing our intentions and efforts and our devotions. After all she is our mother,is not she?  

When little children are learning how to walk mothers catch their hand and let hold their fingers. Children slowly learn how to walk by themselves. Mothers always think that letting them walk would help them in a long run and is the right thing to do. In the similar way,cow mothers are also watching our steps and testing us. If cows feel urgency, they will even kick Krishna out of their cosmos and send them to earth for their protection. How can you enjoy in our universe while we are suffering on earth? They won’t even let Lord Narayan sleep in the milk ocean.
‘Chhir Sagar’ is nothing but the milk ocean and when it dried up, what would the hundred headed serpent would drink? When the serpent moves then the Lord himself need to wake up from his sleep and start look for his snake deity. If he doesn’t see milk in the ocean then he has to find cows. Once he knows that devils have cows in their stomach then he has to kill all the demons to remove cows from inside. Lord Krishna got the name from cows and bulls are the vehicle of Lord Shiva. 

Remind you, Bulls don’t have bridle tied to them. When they do not like cows being slaughtered or feel in pain or suffer, they can pull Lord Shiva from Kailash down to earth with them to wipe out all the demons who are hurting cows.  ** Hari Ohm Tatsat **

Monday, 17 June 2013

Gopastami - An auspicious day for cow celebration - Story 6

Gopastami (Gopa-Astami) is the day we celebrate as auspicious cow day. The eighth lunar day of the bright fortnight of the month of Karttika is known as Gopastami. This is the day for all cows in the world, cow protectors and caretakers, cow lovers and obviously special day for cow devotees. Today ( falls this year on November 10, 2013) is the day when Lord Krishna grazed a herd of cows. Lord got his name as ‘Gopala’ on this day as a qualifies cowherd. Kamadhenu,one of the noblest cow blessed Krishna. 
So this day can be celebrated as birthday or as a special day of cows. We can offer cows with tasty grass, food or any drink they like the most. Initially Krishna’s name was ’Batsapal’, which means caretaker of the calves. When Krishna was ready to take care of mother cows, his name was promoted to ‘Gopala’. Also Gargamuni, one of the ascetic saint who lived in the jungle worshiped cowboy Krishna his cow herd on this very day.    

Krishna grazed cows on his bare feet. We all know that how much cows love Krishna and he loves cows. Krishna saved a lot of cows from the fire which came out of Narakasur, an evil who lived in the jungle. Today, all the slaughter houses are like evil forest-fire. Cow lovers and these noble animals are not untouched by these forest-fire or gas-chambers. Lord Krishna has saved them in the past and he is the saviour of the present and the future. Today is the day that many cow lovers fast and take a vow to protect and serve cowherd. They do this by austerity,devotion and prescribed paths in the scriptures. To relinquish from bad karma is an ascetic practice.
It is very important and auspicious day for Indians to practice and celebrate this tradition in the entire sub-continent. On the Ramanawami day devotees remember Lord Ram, Shivaratri is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has got high importance and relevance in the society to celebrate Gopastami with highest regard. It is really hard to denounce our regular activities, offer prasadam, preserve fasting and retreat this special occasion and yet pull away some time from sensual gratification to remind us from cow protection. To feel dishonored or defamed due to adhering firmly on cow protection is considered virtue on its own. 
This festivity recognizes both cow and cow advocators. It follows by ‘Ashthami’. Holy river Ganga comes out of cow’s mouth. Cows is considered as mother. Because bulls are the one who help plow, produce organic manure, cultivate, sow, grow seeds, cut crops and are considered earthly father. There are many similarities between Radha and Cows. Radha is considered as the energy of relationship, a love healer where as mother cows are symbol of life energy giver. We receive five types of extremely pleasing and tasty ambrosia from cows. Physical muscles or wrestling power can be obtained from buffalo milk but cow milk provides ascetic or retains yogic power. Every possible motherly characteristics are found in cows. Cow provides caring, giving, protecting, nurturing and various attributes like subtlety, lucidity and unstained purity.
Those who are obedient children they feel happy when they talk and listen to their parents. But we need to approach and educate them who do not know the importance and unexplained yet not readily apparent aspects of the meaning of their elders.             
Today is the day of remembering the importance of cows. Many obedient devotees and followers obey their ascetic teachers and perform fasting on this day. Some may question why we need to perform fasting on this day rather proactively participate in a rally or ignite political cause. Those who are followers of sainthood, brahmins who are involved in ascetic and spiritual upliftment will not be able to fight with physical weapons but fasting, performing devotion are the only weaponless, unarmed movement. This action or opportunity gives them self-confidence,a conscious way of strengthening faith or belief. Helps soft minded and kind hearted people to act in the most effective yet organized way. On this day, let us remember cows and their services to humankind. Let us also passionately support and promote the interests of their services among the people who do not know the significance of cows.  

- Hari Ohm Tatsat -

Friday, 7 June 2013

Cow symbolizes mother earth - Story 5

Cow is a deity. From cosmology perspective she is a deity and has unique yet special relationship with the universe, or in that case with the Milky Way. Cow also is a synonym to earth in ’Sanskrit’. Cow represents and symbolizes an earth. Bull represents ‘Dharma’, a symbol of divine law, responsibility and righteousness. Like how a letter ‘Ohm’ symbolizes the Supreme being. Those who are devotees of supreme mother earth should also become a devotee of cows. Cow embraces all the pilgrimages, rivers, and all possible deities reside within her. Like earth has some gross characteristics, cows also have animal characteristics. Similar to how earth has patience and can tolerate every unwanted circumstances, cow also is very docile and bears tolerance. If you beat-up a water buffalo it hides and keeps all the milk with her. Until the hurtful impact remains in the memory she does not release the milk. Unlike in the case of cows, they tolerate the pain and still give milk. Because she possesses all the quality of a mother. If someone’s  nature is simple, motherly, polite and gentle we call them cow hearted or cow like.We don’t see direct godly or glory nature in an earth or in a cow but they have such outstanding qualities and qualifications. Like how earth and ‘dharma’ have deep relationships, a cow and a bull are also a wife and a husband. Earth is the cow and ‘dharma’ is the bull.     

The one who serves cows well, would get grains, prosperity in return. The one who doesn't remove the ‘dharma-like’ bull from the farm would get the most from the earth. Lord Shiva uses bull as his vehicle but without any bridle. His bulls need no headgear unlike horses. All the food that a bull gets from the field does not go as waste. In earlier days farmers and community never tied their bulls, like a divine law or natural righteousness they were considered vagabond. Nowadays, similar attitudes are towards so called an ill minded saints and hermits. Authorities are trying to tie them up as Sadhus also have lost their true nature of divinity, celibacy and austerity. The country and people who know all these principles and morality but still ignore the importance of such service it is sinful and they would be punished.
Comparing to western countries Indian continent has less fertility rates on agriculture and production of corps. In the western civilization, the importance of cows are not known yet nor understood beside its gross significance. They kill cows as for their food and still their corps production is better. It is indeed sinful and will bear the consequences but knowing all these if it happens in Indian continent, it has negative impact exponentially. But we should not misunderstand these imminent values of respecting cows in terms of its gross abundance only.
There is story on a farmer, who found a very precious diamond while ploughing his field one day. He assumed that it was a shiny stone and without its precious value he attached it to the front of his plough. The poor diamond beared the pain of tackling and ploughing roughness of dirt and stones for many days. One day a jeweler was passing by his farm and easily identified the precious stone from a distance. He asked the farmer, where he found that stone? Jeweler said he would give him ten rupees for the stone and farmer felt happy for it and sold immediately. With utter care the Jeweler took out his velvet cloth, wrapped it carefully and put inside a decorative golden box.

A few days later, he opened the box but surprised to see that that big diamond has turned into hundreds of small pieces. The diamond was crying inside. “I felt the pain when the farmer kept me in front of the plough and while fighting with dirt and stones, but I tolerated all the suffer. Unfortunately the farmer did n’t know my price. But you knew my price and still bought me for ten rupees? That’s why my heart has broken into thousand pieces.” 
By looking at the Indian cows even westerners feel peaceful and happy about it. Even in appearance Indian cows are so precious like diamonds. People might not understand the precious value of these cows yet they look so elegant, merryful and lovingly beautiful. Their importance and godly behaviour is hardly known to mortals but still people seem to appreciate her elegance and goodwill. 
“Hari Ohm Tatsat”       

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Geetaji is Cows milk - Story 4

साँख्ययोगौ स्तनौ यस्या: परो भाव: पयस्थथा|
बुद्धियोगश्च वात्सल्यं सा बाला जननी मम: ||

[निष्काम कर्म, भक्ति, बैराग्य र ज्ञान योग चार स्तन भएकी,परम्-भाव चांही दुध रुपले प्रदान गर्ने,जसको वात्सल्य नै बुद्धियोग दिलाउने छ,त्यस्ती कहिल्यै बूढी नहुने गीता मेरी आमा हुन्|]

Geeta-ji is like cow’s milk. Let us now read a few interesting story about the cow instead of her milk. Cow has breasts of four nipples for 4 principles of pure consciousness (unselfish Karma Yoga, Devotion Yoga, Renunciation/Sanyas Yoga and Gyan Yoga i.e Knowledge centric ). Isn't it true, if there is no cow where would the milk come from? According to the Hindu philosophy unselfish action performed via 'Purusha' & 'Prakriti' is called ‘Sankhya Yoga’. It is one the 4 nipples from the cow breast which comprise of that knowledge of the Supreme Godhead. In this story, Arjun has become a calf to her mother cow. This was the reason why he was blessed and granted with milk in the form of self/supreme knowledge.

Some mundane people still argue that a cow is an animal, how could she become a mother?What quality does she have to be one, for the entire creatures? It is not because she gives milk we should be regarding her as a mother. Even buffaloes, goats need to be considered as mothers as they also give us the milk, but it is not the case of others. We do not call buffalo,a mother. Buffalo resembles and reminds more of a ‘Yamaraj’, the deity of death. Cows represents motherly sentiments and a full of always-giving attitudes. If we put water on buffalo’s milk it is not easily digestible by children where as cow milk is easily digested.

A village in Ujjain,India there was a cow who was never seen being pregnant but every day she gave three litres of milk. We never hear these kinds of anecdotes or stories about buffaloes or goats. Cow licks other animals with affection like her own calves. As if they are their own children. Unlike buffaloes, they admire only those who like them, feed them, serve them with grass or who milk them. We have sometimes heard stories where cows have also attacked on those who does harm on their caretakers. She saves her caretakers. She saves cow-boy from being attacked by lions. Using cow urine and cow dung Hindus perform many auspicious rituals. Cow urine is considered very pure and are being used from birth to one's death. If you scratch cow’s neck with love she immediately starts licking you with affection. We do not need to mention all these exceptional qualities of a cow as they are a symbol of austerity and righteousness. Those who are cow lovers and devotees we don’t need to mention to them, we need to share with those who don’t know all these outstanding qualities in a cow.
Those children or youth who do not respect their parents,they become separated from them and we need to tell them how important and auspicious the roles,usefulness and love of parents are. We don’t tell stories and share importance of parents to Sri Ram-ji, who already has a great respect to his parents.   

In terms of ultimate reality and natural existence cows are the source of spiritual knowledge. She provides all the prosperity and needed spiritual quality in a human being. Specially to the Brahmins, it is a must that they serve and perform devotion in order to gain tranquility and spiritual freedom. Without services to the cows, spiritual knowledge and practical self-realization is not so easily achievable.  Hari Ohm Tatsat.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cow Protection Story -3

Cows are animal wealth and so are significant, highest yet most precious wealth. This is just one physical aspect of cows.Cows are our mothers and so is Ganga. One women has mentioned that we get water from Ganga, farm fields receive irrigation and that is why we consider her as a mother. But what I told her is these are just a few physical aspects of mother Ganga. You don’t call mother a mother just because she feeds or supply you with water. Mothers are those who bind us with motherly nature. With all the qualities of a mother she cares and nurtures us with emotions and divinity.
There is a story of a king named Dilip who was very famous for serving cows. He was so powerful that he could easily travel to heaven at his will but as he did not have his own child. It always bothered him with this absence or deficiency. During those days his spiritual teacher, Bashistha, used to stay in the Himalayas in a cave (just like this one) as it was beside the river Ganga. King Dipil went next to the hermit ashram and told his Guru that he doesn't have any children of his own. ‘Who would be the caretaker of the kingdom after my demise?’, he questioned the hermit. The teacher then asked king to serve a cow named ‘Nandini’ from his hermitage. ‘Take care of her grazing and provide full protection.’, the hermit requested the king. ‘Take a vow that you are going to follow her wherever she goes, stand when she stands, sit only when she sits down and you are not going to shout at her for any reasons at all. You eat only after she eats and during all these times you have to make sure that protect her from fierce animals such as lions with your bow and arrows. Also make sure that your queen performs worship and devotions before the cow leaves home in the morning. When she returns to the cottage in the evening, welcome her with lights from a mile away.”    
King Dilip and his queen did exactly how his teacher has explained for twenty one days. This Nandini cow was very powerful and special daughter who had all the qualities of her ancestors ‘Kamadhenu’.She thought that now the time has come to test the King. With her hidden strength she imagined and created one fierceful lion and came towards her to attack.She cried for help with fear. The king was appreciating the beauty of mountain and attracted by the views when he suddenly heard this noise. Immediately king jumped, pulled his bow and arrows and ran towards Nandini. He was slightly late and felt guilty that he could not keep his promise of protecting cow. At the very moment the lion roared and told the king that he is not an ordinary lion. He is the vehicle of Goddess Parvati. “She has asked me to protect this tree here in the forest.”, he made a loud sound. Dilip politely requested the lion to release the cow and instead eat his body for meat. He said, for you the human meat is softer, better and tastier than the cow. The lion said,”You seem like an idiot, a coward and offering your own body for a simple cow?” But the king replied, “First of all she is a precious cow, secondly I have an obligation towards my teacher, thirdly I am from a warrior clan, it is my duty and virtue to protect her life.” Denying all the proposals that lion has put forward, king Dilip kneeled his head down,closed his eyes and was ready to give up his life. At the very moment, flowers fell from the trees and above. With a polite voice Nandini mentioned ‘arise my son, you’ve passed your test’. King opened his eyes but saw there was no lion, Nandini was standing up right.
“Ask me what you want?”,she blessed the king. King asked for an offspring to look after the kingdom. Nandini asked him to take milk from her and drink it. King hesitated and told her, ‘Don’t your children have rights to your milk than me? Second comes my teacher, if he gives me permission I will accept it.’ Nandini was very happy with king’s answer. After returning to the cottage king told everything what has happened in the forest to his teacher. He then milked the cow, gave to her calves, served the teacher and with his permission he along with his queen received an auspicious milk. With the milk and the blessings from cows, king Dilip later had very noble and righteous kings such as Raghu, King Rama in his dynasty. Cow is our mother, and are like Lord themselves. Hari Ohm Tat Sat !