Friday, 7 June 2013

Cow symbolizes mother earth - Story 5

Cow is a deity. From cosmology perspective she is a deity and has unique yet special relationship with the universe, or in that case with the Milky Way. Cow also is a synonym to earth in ’Sanskrit’. Cow represents and symbolizes an earth. Bull represents ‘Dharma’, a symbol of divine law, responsibility and righteousness. Like how a letter ‘Ohm’ symbolizes the Supreme being. Those who are devotees of supreme mother earth should also become a devotee of cows. Cow embraces all the pilgrimages, rivers, and all possible deities reside within her. Like earth has some gross characteristics, cows also have animal characteristics. Similar to how earth has patience and can tolerate every unwanted circumstances, cow also is very docile and bears tolerance. If you beat-up a water buffalo it hides and keeps all the milk with her. Until the hurtful impact remains in the memory she does not release the milk. Unlike in the case of cows, they tolerate the pain and still give milk. Because she possesses all the quality of a mother. If someone’s  nature is simple, motherly, polite and gentle we call them cow hearted or cow like.We don’t see direct godly or glory nature in an earth or in a cow but they have such outstanding qualities and qualifications. Like how earth and ‘dharma’ have deep relationships, a cow and a bull are also a wife and a husband. Earth is the cow and ‘dharma’ is the bull.     

The one who serves cows well, would get grains, prosperity in return. The one who doesn't remove the ‘dharma-like’ bull from the farm would get the most from the earth. Lord Shiva uses bull as his vehicle but without any bridle. His bulls need no headgear unlike horses. All the food that a bull gets from the field does not go as waste. In earlier days farmers and community never tied their bulls, like a divine law or natural righteousness they were considered vagabond. Nowadays, similar attitudes are towards so called an ill minded saints and hermits. Authorities are trying to tie them up as Sadhus also have lost their true nature of divinity, celibacy and austerity. The country and people who know all these principles and morality but still ignore the importance of such service it is sinful and they would be punished.
Comparing to western countries Indian continent has less fertility rates on agriculture and production of corps. In the western civilization, the importance of cows are not known yet nor understood beside its gross significance. They kill cows as for their food and still their corps production is better. It is indeed sinful and will bear the consequences but knowing all these if it happens in Indian continent, it has negative impact exponentially. But we should not misunderstand these imminent values of respecting cows in terms of its gross abundance only.
There is story on a farmer, who found a very precious diamond while ploughing his field one day. He assumed that it was a shiny stone and without its precious value he attached it to the front of his plough. The poor diamond beared the pain of tackling and ploughing roughness of dirt and stones for many days. One day a jeweler was passing by his farm and easily identified the precious stone from a distance. He asked the farmer, where he found that stone? Jeweler said he would give him ten rupees for the stone and farmer felt happy for it and sold immediately. With utter care the Jeweler took out his velvet cloth, wrapped it carefully and put inside a decorative golden box.

A few days later, he opened the box but surprised to see that that big diamond has turned into hundreds of small pieces. The diamond was crying inside. “I felt the pain when the farmer kept me in front of the plough and while fighting with dirt and stones, but I tolerated all the suffer. Unfortunately the farmer did n’t know my price. But you knew my price and still bought me for ten rupees? That’s why my heart has broken into thousand pieces.” 
By looking at the Indian cows even westerners feel peaceful and happy about it. Even in appearance Indian cows are so precious like diamonds. People might not understand the precious value of these cows yet they look so elegant, merryful and lovingly beautiful. Their importance and godly behaviour is hardly known to mortals but still people seem to appreciate her elegance and goodwill. 
“Hari Ohm Tatsat”       

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