Monday, 3 June 2013

Cow milk for Service and salvation - Story 2

The physical beauty, usefulness and form of a cow are appreciated by the people with gross yet materialistic mind. None other animals have so many outstanding qualities that a cow has.Like how we accumulate so many herbs, medicinal plants from the mother earth so can we gather magical potion for our well being from cows. Many organic and healthy fortunes can be obtained from the cow urine and dungs to cure of disease or alleviation. These byproducts can be used as naturopathy remedy for various health prevention reasons.

Cows are considered auspicious and desires fulfilling creatures. Unconditional devotion shown towards her may in return bliss human with noble truth and an intellectual endowment. She gives wealth to the one who is seeking for wealth, children for those who want of their own, even numerous ‘deities’ are in fond of ‘kamadhenu’. She can fulfill every levels of prosperity. Emperor Dilip was blessed with a son by his devotion and services towards cows. And later Lord Rama himself was born in the same dynasty and well known as a - ‘Raghubamshi’. Lord Budhha himself did a lot of penance under a bodhi tree. He kept promising himself not to eat anything until he realizes the noble truth. He became so weak and left only with bones in his body. He remained in thirst and hunger for more than a week.

In the village there lived a rich landlord but was feeling empty and helpless as his son did not have any children of this own. It was a tradition that if they feed rice-pudding to a deity in the forest, their daughter-in-law will be blessed with a child. She was on the way to the deep forest and saw a big banyan tree on the path. As she was kneeling down to feed the forest deity she saw a hermit who was merely surviving on this breadth. She was so pleased that she found her forest deity she was looking for. The pudding was prepared using milk from ten thousand cows. Milk from these cows were drawn and given to one thousand cows, and likewise the milk from those one thousand to hundred cows. MIlk from those hundred to ten and finally those ten to one cow. The pudding was prepared from that one cow and considered very fruitful, auspicious and rewarding. The pudding was brought on a golden pot.

Milk gives nutrients and strengths to memory. It is also considered as a brain tonic and gives back needed intelligence. As cows are motherly and so as her milk. People may argue that milk is like cow’s blood. Is it fair to drink their milk? If it was blood then it would come all the times. Five litres of milk can’t come all the times, with her motherly behaviour it comes only for the reason of her calves. Lord Buddha who didn’t even follow the Vedic traditions and was always quiet on deity and the concept of incarnations, after receiving this auspicious cow milk pudding received his highest enlightenment i.e. ’Buddhatwa’. Later landlord’s daughter-in-law also conceived her first baby boy. हरि ओह्म् तत्सत् !

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