Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cow protection by Hindu Warriors and Hermits - Story - 9

“Spiritual individuals,sadhus or hermits shouldn't be involved in day to day community or administrative work” is the argument that rulers, kings or administrators put forward. It is also the duty of these rulers to make sure that the symbol of righteousness, cows are protected from every possible means.Virtues of such right action should be well established by the rulers too. It is indeed a duty of Sadhus to meditate, devote and perform penance in front of the holy river Ganga banks. But that does not mean they will stay quiet and watch or continue on their meditation and chanting if they see someone drowning in the river? If he knows how to swim and float he should jump immediately and save the victims life. If the sadhu doesn't know how to swim then he should pro-actively attempt to call for help or request boat men in the vicinity. If he could not help the victim from any possible way out then at least pray Lord to save the victim from this suffering and difficult situation.The victim has to be helped until the last possible breath. If the victim is completely drowned or died, then there is no option left. This is the Dharma of Sadhus, a rightful humanitarian action. Yes, don’t get into immoral activities by forgetting all the sadhu characteristics breaking celibacy vows.

Shivaji was a great warrior and worked on defence of Hindu values. There was a muslim pervert villager who was beating a cow and showing his inhumane cruelty. Hence he was brought to justice and both of his hands were chopped off. When Shivaji was small he was being accompanied by his father and brought to the palace of a muslim king. Shivaji was being asked to perform namaskar to the king with both of his hands closed and folded. He replied that he would not bow to them who make cow suffer and slaughter. He was firm in decision and stubborn since his early childhood. He was passionate about his duty and never deviated from his principles. He would protect his own religion, beliefs and convictions all he could without letting other religions or followers of different faith get hurt. He was a prominent protector of Hindu religion. Shivaji later established a competent and progressive civil rule with the help of a disciplined military and well-structured administrative organisations. He indeed became a great Hindu king but if he finds an unattained holy Quran he used to give it back to a Mullah with respect. He never let any soldiers of his own look down upon any muslim sisters, daughters. He demanded and made sure women are being escorted to their homes from the street with all needed respect to avoid vulnerability. To dutifully obey the Hindu religion but at the same time not allowing other non Hindus to fear from his belief was his speciality. Cow is the representation of Hindu culture. 

Cows have not led Indian subcontinent into dependency or into enslavement. The mindset and letting external invasion of culture and beliefs brought the continent into imprisonment and captivity. A country becomes autonomy and maintains its sovereignty only with its Dharma, righteousness, appropriate karma and respect towards people. Politics have touched every possible corners of life. Even Ashrams, an ascetic hermitage are also being polluted by mundane attractions and unlawful expansions. “Denounce every possible worldly desires, avoid sense gratifications and devote your time to remember Lord” are the lessons we get inspired by holy scriptures. If you are able to do this lord promises us that he will come and stop cow slaughter and protect them from disasters. Hence let this be the job of Lord Hari or even if you do help Lord Gopal’s do his job, he will be happy anyways. Saving cows being slaughtered and protecting them from suffer is nothing less than to pray,meditate or becoming a religious person. “Assume if I stay here in my cave and start promoting Geeta bhawan, you think administrators at Geeta bhawan they will not be happy?” Or if I promote Paramartha, obviously the administrators at Paramartha will be happy. Similarly if we promote cow protection, be active in help cow get their share - obviously Lord will be very happy. This work is more than doing bhajan, prayers or even meditation. No one can do prayers all the times, and if we spare time to help Cow protection it will be a great karma and service to the earth. Otherwise if we can remember Lord all the times he will make sure and stop cow slaughtering. This is for certainty. ** Hari Ohm Satsat **  - By Sri Mastaram Baba, Hanuman Sheela, Rishikesh.

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