Thursday, 6 June 2013

Geetaji is Cows milk - Story 4

साँख्ययोगौ स्तनौ यस्या: परो भाव: पयस्थथा|
बुद्धियोगश्च वात्सल्यं सा बाला जननी मम: ||

[निष्काम कर्म, भक्ति, बैराग्य र ज्ञान योग चार स्तन भएकी,परम्-भाव चांही दुध रुपले प्रदान गर्ने,जसको वात्सल्य नै बुद्धियोग दिलाउने छ,त्यस्ती कहिल्यै बूढी नहुने गीता मेरी आमा हुन्|]

Geeta-ji is like cow’s milk. Let us now read a few interesting story about the cow instead of her milk. Cow has breasts of four nipples for 4 principles of pure consciousness (unselfish Karma Yoga, Devotion Yoga, Renunciation/Sanyas Yoga and Gyan Yoga i.e Knowledge centric ). Isn't it true, if there is no cow where would the milk come from? According to the Hindu philosophy unselfish action performed via 'Purusha' & 'Prakriti' is called ‘Sankhya Yoga’. It is one the 4 nipples from the cow breast which comprise of that knowledge of the Supreme Godhead. In this story, Arjun has become a calf to her mother cow. This was the reason why he was blessed and granted with milk in the form of self/supreme knowledge.

Some mundane people still argue that a cow is an animal, how could she become a mother?What quality does she have to be one, for the entire creatures? It is not because she gives milk we should be regarding her as a mother. Even buffaloes, goats need to be considered as mothers as they also give us the milk, but it is not the case of others. We do not call buffalo,a mother. Buffalo resembles and reminds more of a ‘Yamaraj’, the deity of death. Cows represents motherly sentiments and a full of always-giving attitudes. If we put water on buffalo’s milk it is not easily digestible by children where as cow milk is easily digested.

A village in Ujjain,India there was a cow who was never seen being pregnant but every day she gave three litres of milk. We never hear these kinds of anecdotes or stories about buffaloes or goats. Cow licks other animals with affection like her own calves. As if they are their own children. Unlike buffaloes, they admire only those who like them, feed them, serve them with grass or who milk them. We have sometimes heard stories where cows have also attacked on those who does harm on their caretakers. She saves her caretakers. She saves cow-boy from being attacked by lions. Using cow urine and cow dung Hindus perform many auspicious rituals. Cow urine is considered very pure and are being used from birth to one's death. If you scratch cow’s neck with love she immediately starts licking you with affection. We do not need to mention all these exceptional qualities of a cow as they are a symbol of austerity and righteousness. Those who are cow lovers and devotees we don’t need to mention to them, we need to share with those who don’t know all these outstanding qualities in a cow.
Those children or youth who do not respect their parents,they become separated from them and we need to tell them how important and auspicious the roles,usefulness and love of parents are. We don’t tell stories and share importance of parents to Sri Ram-ji, who already has a great respect to his parents.   

In terms of ultimate reality and natural existence cows are the source of spiritual knowledge. She provides all the prosperity and needed spiritual quality in a human being. Specially to the Brahmins, it is a must that they serve and perform devotion in order to gain tranquility and spiritual freedom. Without services to the cows, spiritual knowledge and practical self-realization is not so easily achievable.  Hari Ohm Tatsat.

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