Friday, 28 June 2013

Cow, an exceptional animal - Story 11

From a gross physical aspect cows are considered as prosperity and wealth. But cow has additional forms from different levels such as celestial and more superior spiritual plains. None other animals have profound qualities. Cows are divine bovine-goddess who can fulfill our every possible human wishes and needs. Even from the mundane earthly perspective, cows are more superior and useful than any other animals. Cows milk and ghee are considered revere and are used in worships, or most of the Hindu rituals. Cow urine and dung are also used as sacred media to ritually purify during holy occasions. In Sri Bhagbad Geeta, Krishna says he is the Kamadhenu among all cows. In Vrisni clan he is the Basudev. All the members of the Vrisni clan are great personalities but Basudev is an exceptional. Similarly all the cows are Kamadhenu too. Not many people know about her metaphysical or cosmic aspect or  collective spiritual significance but still they get attracted to her silent beauty and elegance.
A student named Satyakama had a strong wish to study the-self-knowledge and went to a sage named Gautama and with folded hand he put forward his request to preach him the ultimate divine knowledge. The teacher remained in silence for a while and asked the student to take 400 lean and thin cows from the hermitage and take care of them. He asked them to let graze where there is best grass in the jungle and when they multiply and reach 1000, then bring them back. The student, with all his mind and wit, took care of all the cows until they become healthy and weighty. He was so much focused that he did not even know how to count until a bull told him in human language that they have reached 1000 and now time to return. “Please let us take us back to the spiritual master”. By the grace of mother cow, the bull taught student all need divine knowledge. The Agni deity also taught him the necessary spiritual knowledge. As soon as the enlightened student reached and bow down to the master, the master noticed and mentioned that he has this radiating glow on his face.”Who gave you this divine knowledge?”, he questioned. “Did you not find someone else in the forest and considered him as your Guru?” Then the student replied,”By the grace of you and cows, you yourself came as the Agni (the Fire God) and gave me all these divine knowledge.” Cow service has such potential to attain the highest wisdom. The sound energy and sonic vibration  that is produced by cows have presence of celestial divinity, which give student the ultimate knowledge of the supreme.
**Hari Ohm Tatsat** - By Mastaram Baba, HanumanSheela, Rishikesh

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