Monday, 1 July 2013

Cow, the highest deity - Story 12

Once upon a time, like a procession, all the deities started immersing and slowly taking refuge onto a mother Cow.  Similar to saints and sadhus who are taking a journey of refuge, into protests and activism these days, as a shelter for their own protection. Goddess Laxmi also saw demigods and more and more angels are being absorbed into the body of a Cow. All the rivers also requested holy Ganga to follow their path in this magnanimous journey. “Why should I immerse into an ordinary cow, as I myself is so pure and divine?”, replied Ganga. Laxmi gave similar answer to other demigods as she herself is the consort of Lord Narayana. Serpent God took refuge at the sole and heel whereas Sun and Moon went inside her eyes. Fire God entered the mouth, Omkaara inside the vocal cord as sound energy vibration, Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Bhrahma and Good Saraswati onto four nipples and many thousands of deities into her hairs. Forehead, muzzle, nostrils, jaw, throat, shoulder, dewlap, brisket,elbow, knee,shank, udder, hock, hoof, dew claw, pastern, tail, hip, back, hump, horns and neck were all being occupied with eminence by many celestial bodies.
Since everyone departed the cosmos, entered and occupied the space on every possible parts of the body of a cow, Goddess Laxmi and holy Ganga thought they were the only ones who were left behind. Even Lord themselves have joined the other by denouncing their self-superiority. At the end, they both expressed their reverence and requested cow to include them in any empty body parts. Cow told them there were no extra place left in her entire anatomy. With utmost respect, admiration and devotion they both praised the the glory of mother Cow. Cow was pleased and told them that there were only two special places left, the Gomaya i.e., Cow-dung and Gomutra, i.e. Cow-urine. Holy Ganga took the space in cow-urine and Goddess Laxmi took the space in cow-dung. Both cow dung and urine are as pure, revere and have full of glory. None of the universal creature’s waste or droppings has such significance as the dung of holy cows. When Saint Viswamitra created a new world he couldn’t create a replica of a cow. Instead he compromised with a buffalow. Bhadrakaali is the Tamas form of a cow. We have heard of many animal cruelties, sacrifices in numerous cultures and traditions. We have even heard of human sacrifice but never heard, read or documented evidence found on Cow sacrifices. Cows are to be protected and shielded from injury. They are not deserved to be killed in any form or means. Cows are to be treated and respected like mothers. We do not disregard our mother, and   likewise cows are forbidden and prohibited to be slaughtered. 

* Hari Ohm Tatsat * - By Sri Mastaram Baba, Hanuman Sheela, Rishikesh.    

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