Friday, 5 July 2013

Cow and Shadhus are synonymous - Story 13

Without Cows, Hindu Dharma is helpless and vulnerable. Every rituals in Hindu culture need ‘PanchGavya’, five primary products (milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung) obtained from cows. Those who are not bound by any rituals or those who do not believe in God and holy scriptures are called atheists. They are different and have a whole separate perceptions. Cows and ascetic holy men or hermits have commonalities as they both are equally protected and supported by the Lord. That is why behaviours, generosity and lovingnature of saintly individuals are identical to cows. People offer due respect and fold hands to saintly personalities as they do to the cows. Cows are wish fulfilling and so are the holy men. Hermits have ‘Ohmkar’ in their words and so is ‘Ohmkar’ in the sound vibration which comes out from cows. Without cows and ascetic Brahmans it is not possible to conduct and complete Hindu rituals. Lord also follow behind and keep eyes on Cows and holy men such that they do not remain hungry or suffer. Lord has names such as Govinda, Gopala. Lord comes as incarnation to protect and promote the cows and Brahmans. Holy ascetics men have different grades and quality and so have cows. Not all cows are ‘Kamadhenu’,i.e. all wish fulfilling and similarly not all holymen have eliminated permanent illusions and reached that divine status. Some people may ask how holy men can be compared with holy cows? We see cows die but nows a days we also see holy monks dying.
Once there lived an ascetic holy sadhu by the name of Chyawan-Rishi. He was performing sacred penance and meditation inside a lake.There a fisherman came to catch fish and put his fishing net into the water. The net was heavy and so the fisherman was happy that he got a big size fish. As he pulled, to his surprise, he saw this holy ascetic trapped and caught inside the net. Fisherman was shocked and asked for forgiveness after he unknotted the net. Chyavan told him that, since he pulled him with such great effort  like other fish, now he also belongs to him. The country where this situation happened was going through a drought season. Fisherman immediately went to the king to inform this incident. Ministers and Brahmans in the palace also suggested the king that all this drought was due to the suffering of this ascetic who was in trouble. The king ordered him to come to the palace but the saint did not move nor spoke a word and remained by the side of the lake. Instead the king left the palace immediately to greet him.

With folded hands the king pleaded guilty and questioned why he was living there. He was apologetic and felt sorry for the harm caused due to the act of his fisherman. Chyavan Rishi told the king to give fisherman the price of his bait.“He was the one who worked so hard to pull me out of the lake. Now, I belong to him.”

King declared that he will give the price to fisherman as much as he weighs. King was ready to give ten thousand to fifty thousand rupees to the fisherman. Chyavan mentioned that he has more value than that and he made the king ready to give half of his nation’s property. King even was ready to offer the entire country but the holy man still denied and told that his value is more than that. Finally king surrendered and asked what would be the best price he can offer? Chyvan Rishi preached him and told the king that ascetic saints and cows have no price and have no materialistic value. They are both priceless gems in a country. “First of all, give this fisherman a good job such that he need not kill any creatures to survive and keep his family alive. Let him be free and away from violence of any kind. Now also give him an auspicious cow as they are priceless and will give him all the needed prosperity.”   

*Hari Ohm Tatsat* - By Mastaram Baba, Hanumansheela, Rishikesh

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