Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cows are protected by Lord Ram from demon Rawan - Story 15

It was well known and written in Ramayana that there lived a king named Rawana. Rawana made Cows and Bhraman suffer and even killed them many times. Rawan’s father was a great scholar and ascetic holy man but he himself was a cruel demon, not a Bhrahman. Khar, one of Rawan’s evil follower also known as a nocturnal beast, started killing holy hermits in the jungle. Due to these immoral,felonious ruling and unlawful dominance, mother earth changed herself into a cow and went to the Lord for protection. Earth is identical to a cow. Cows give milk and so does earth. She gives us grains, herbs, and many more fruits, vegetables and water. Whenever earth goes to a cosmic or celestial plane she takes a form of a cow.  Celestial or cosmic plane is also known as a subtle-loka such as heavenly bodies where the physical world merges. Tamasik people believe and worship ghosts and praise force that promotes darkness, delusions, ignorance, deaths, destructions and propagates blasphemy. These days people have become demons and a lot of characteristics of Rawan’s have been oppressed or influenced onto them.
During ancient times there existed various forms of elixir and mysterious jewels such as ‘Suryakanta Mani’ or ‘Chandrakanta Mani’. Every possible desires used to be fulfilled just by possessing them. Lives were more subtle then and now it has become more gross. The earth  which was dominated by the demonic king Rawan, escaped and took refuge in the form of a cow and went to the creator-Brahma. All the celestial deities together went to Lord Shankar to file the complaint against Rawan. Hoping to receive quicker protection and resolution, he also suggested to go to Lord Vishnu to listen for better opinion. He said even he is tired of Rawan’s misconduct. They all went to Lord Vishnu Narayan. Shankar said, “You are the protector of all and treat every creatures equally with love. You are the one who can take any form at anytime if necessary.” Lord Hari immediately took a form and showed his appearance. He told the mother earth cow, Brahma and Shiva that all of them have some weaknesses and faults. “Shankar, Rawan is your devotee. How did you not make him obedient and listen to you? Brahma, why did you bless him?”
Shankar said, you are blaming all of us but how about you? Do you not have any fault? “I was sleeping in the milk ocean”,  said Lord Vishnu. “Why did you need to sleep all the way here and did not wake up? All the deities are in trouble, mother earth is extremely suffering and you are still sleeping?”, Shankar asked Vishnu. Then Vishnu turned towards Sheshanag , the thousand headed serpent, and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up even at your difficulties, now go and become a human on earth?”. “All of you deities, you also deliberately and selfishly made demons suffer so you all also need to go to earth and become monkeys”, commanded Lord Vishnu.”Bhrahma you become a Bhaloo, the bear. And you Shankar, the special monkey, Hanuman. Let us all go to the mortal earth and I will also come as a detective, the Rama”. “Let me descend and find out whose mistake was it after all”, said Lord Vishnu. Later Lord Vishnu came as a detective in the form of Rama and stayed unknown to the general population. He did not express the supreme power and mysterious story behind his incarnation. To identify the culprit he also went to the jungle. When his own queen consort, goddess Sita was being abducted then he finally knew who the guilty source of the problem was. Laxman was the incarnation of Sheshnag, “You had a lot of milk in the divine ocean in the past, now I will not let you eat anything wonderful food for 14 years in the jungle”

* Hari Ohm Tatsat *

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