Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cow Protection & Cow's Fault - Story 16

Goddess Laxmi was also guilty of not protecting cows. She should have woken Lord Sri Vishnu from his sleep while resting on Sri Sheshnag in the milky ocean. Lord Vishnu asked Laxmi to step down to earth and reincarnate and born as Goddess Sita. There is a mistake of cows as well. There was a great king named Vishwamitra. He went to a hermitage to pay respect to a hermit saint named Vashistha. Viswamitra had his entire army with him. He left all his army men in the outskirt and went towards the hermitage alone. While having divine conversation, they didn't keep track of time and it suddenly became dark. City capital was at a distance and Vashista requested him to stay overnight at his hermitage. King Vishwamitra mentioned that he was not alone, he had the entire army with him waiting for him outside the jungle area. “How can we arrange for boarding, food and drinks for so many people?”, asked Vishwamitra. Vashistha assured him not to worry and he will arrange for everything. King Vishwamitra also thought let me also see how this simple holy hermit can arrange such difficult arrangements in the middle of the jungle. Hermit Vashistha had a Kamadhenu cow. He requested her to produce and provide every possible commodities that the army of King Vishwamitra were asking for. They got enough food, drinks, fruits, rooms,beds, blankets, grass for horses and everything they all could imagine.

Vishwamitra was extremely astonished that he couldn't see any other than a simple hermit and his wife with an ordinary cow, but they were able to fulfill his entire army’s desire. To his surprise he asked Vasishtha how he was able to manage all these hospitality. “It is all due to this loving, fulfilling, amazing, Kamadhenu cow”, replied Vashistha. Immediately, Vishwamitra became greedy and thought why a hermit needs this kind of a fulfilling cow in the jungle anyway. He thought he could utilize her as a national treasure by keeping her in his palace. He could run his administration easily if he could please her. “Vasishtha, could you relinquish Kamadhenu for me to serve the nation?”, requested King Vishwamitra. Vasishtha said he could not give away his cow. “We need her for so many rituals, food, agriculture, and many more inside the hermitage”, briefed Vasishtha. King Vishwamitra commanded that he would send thousands of cows for milk, instead. “Here in this jungle, we would not be able to protect and take care of so many cows”, replied Vasishtha. “I will make sure all these cows are well taken care of as I will put strong caretakers and will command staffs to build cow sheds and allocate pastures for them to graze”, said the king. Saint (acharya rishi) Vasishtha told king that he would not like to take charge of this big administration and manage wealth of this magnitude. “Sorry, I could not give up my Kamadhenu”.
Even after hearing all his opinion, the King ordered his soldiers to steal Kamadhenu forcefully (if needed), from an ascetic Vasishtha. “No other than the king can have ownership of such Kamadhenu”, declared Vishwamitra. “Why are you giving up on me?”, Kamadhenu told Vasishtha with eyes full of tears. “I did not abandon you, they are taking you with force”, replied Vasishtha. “Help me!”, Kamadhenu ordered. “I know, you already have such power of your own to protect yourself”, said Vasishtha and stepped aside. At that very moment, Kamadhenu made a hissing noise.

She uttered angrily and threateningly by which many tribes of Hund, Yawan, Khas, Musalman, Bhilla, Kirat came out from the nostrils whizingly. They all fought against the army of King Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra also started throwing various forms of celestial (Brahmastra, Dibyastra) weapons against them. Finally,the king realized that the Brahma-energy (learned man) of an ascetic is powerful than the Kshetriya’s (warrior) muscle power. The king experienced the power of Kamadhenu, bowed down to the saint with apology and headed towards his kingdom. The fault of cows is such that, the tribes who came into existence due to her anger to protect her, are now killing her. Kaliyug is behaving opposite. The one who came into existence through her are now slaughtering her. These days we also hear that children abandon and make their parents suffer instead of protecting them.

** Hari Ohm TatSat **
- By Sri Param Pujya Mastaram Baba, Hanumansheela, Rishikesh.  

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