Friday, 19 July 2013

King Vikram and Cow Protection - Story 18

Long time ago, king Indra was governing and enjoying his heavenly kingdom. Saint Narad came and told, “There is no one on earth like King Vikram who is powerful, famous and always giving. He does what he says. He says exactly what comes in is mind and he does exactly what he tells. He is also very cultured,loving and courteous.” Every assembled heavenly representatives were surprised by hearing Narad. Heavenly cow Kamadhenu said, “What is your doubt or reason for getting so surprised?” It is written in the scriptures that no one should doubt the power of giving to others, strengths in penances, deeds of good politics, controlling capacity of inner knowledge and of influential politeness. As these are all jewels retained and protected by Earth. Similarly Vikram is also one of the precious gem on earth.    

By hearing this, King Indra demanded Kamadhenu to visit earth and test Vikram’s described attributes such as forgiveness, truthfulness, protectiveness and service orientedness that any potentially famous king would possess. Kamadhenu descended to earth and took a disguised form of a helpless and a weak cow. She pretended that she got stuck on a mud-pool,hard to escape, until the King Vikram came next to her. She panicked, utterly cried and shed tears as if she has been threatened by a fierceful tigress waiting beside the trap. Vikram tried to help and bring her out. He guarded her in the slime till it became dark. He was fully awake and watchful all night long protecting her. After the Sun rise, Kamadhenu woke up by herself and looking at the king’s condition and his determination, she told, ”I am Kamadhenu cow who came from heaven to test you but impressed by your patience, protective and caring attributes. No king on on earth can be compared with you. Ask for any blessings, I am pleased by your action.” “With your blessings, I already have everything I need. I do not know what I do not have that you want me to ask?”, the king replied. Kamadhenu said, “I can’t recall what I have promised you, so I will remain with you” and she followed the king.

*Hari Ohm Tatsat  * Sri KrishanaArpanAstu * Ohm Shanti * Ohm Shanti * Ohm Shanti *   
- By Shree Pujya Mastaram Babaji Maharaj, Hanuman Sheela, Rishikesh

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