Thursday, 27 June 2013

Delightful services to Cow is merciful & blissful - Story - 10

If we do the tasks that Gopal (Lord Krishna) performs and loves the most, it would definitely make him rejoiceful. Servicing cows, protecting the herd are the pastimes of Gopala. Lead a life of a hermit and practice austerity or remain fully dedicated by remembering Lord’s name all the times. When Gopal lifted the Gobardhan mountain,all the cowboys also holded their sticks up. The entire mountain can not be lifted by a finger nor by bunch of sticks but only by the grace of Mother Cows. Because these cowboys lifted the sticks Gopala felt glorious about their involvement. From deep inside Gopal and Go are identical.
Cows are the motherly symbol of the world but especially for those from the Indian subcontinent, they are indeed considered as motherly icon. Now, for the Hindus without any doubts Cows are considered like their own mothers and for those who are listening or reading these stories too. Goddess Parvati said, ‘Viswanath was her Purari’, who is an enemy to the devils. Lord Shiva is known as the caretaker of the universe but he is still known as the caretaker of Parvati too. We also call Earth as our mother and such are Cows. Cows are mother of the world. Particular to Hindus, she is considered as a special mother. For Hindus, when a person is born, ‘Pancha-Gabya’ is considered as a part of purification ritual. Similarly during marriage ceremony,at the deathbed - cow urine, dung, ghee,curd and milk are reverently applied. Even among Hindus, depending on how dedicated devotee they are of their mothers, understand the inner importance based on their knowledge and understanding. There are various types of mothers in a society but they are all considered as mothers. Like our mother, who may be uneducated, uncivilized in modern terms, who may not know how to read, write or speak properly but still she is our loving mother. Those who do not see cows as celestial or sacred being or just a simple form of an animal, they could not receive or gain spiritual benefits from them. Those who do not consider Cows as deity, full of inner consciousness of mind or life-force, they can not reap godly benefits. Even Muslims who do not consider cows as like Hindus do, but while milking they also sit like a calf. They also love to feed cow milk to their own children. In olden days,cow milk was never sold for money.They were either used for Hawan, ritual sacrifices, or fed to the children, unhealthy, poor, guests, old citizen but never sold for material purpose.
We call cow to a mother or also to mother earth. Great King Prithu once ruled the mother earth which was in the form of a cow. The cow told that she stole and ate a lot of grains from the people. People have also done many mischiefs, caused harm and evil to me but you can milk me and retract prosperity.King Prithu milked the divine cow and gave necessary ambrosia, grains, medicines to the deities, humans and demons respectively.In Upanisads too cows have made some sound vibrations and the sonic energy became ‘Ohm-kaar’ which signifies and considered as one of the most revere, eternal and auspicious spiritual sound wave. 
Senses are always wanting to fulfil its desire and satisfy the lust, like a vulture always look for meat or raw flesh. Similarly Mleshyas, uncivilized and barbarous, people with lustful taste and dark culture, full of ignorance, see cows as meat and their source of food. They would not see or consider the divinity within cows. There was a chief of Radha Swamy organization and when I asked him how we consider cow as our mother? He said it is just an animal. How can an animal be like our deity or a mother? Even to holy Ganga he said it is just a river, it is very clean here in Rishikesh but in Calcutta it is so dirty. But I told him, no matter how dirty it might be but still she is Ganga and has the same divinity. She has all the spiritual energy and quality to wipe out our past sins. Only the devotees of Ganga or Cows would know the importance of their significance. Only those who are devotees of their mother and father would know their acceptance and essential purpose. They can truly appreciate, love, praise and get touched by the glory. **Hari Ohm Tatsat** -By Sri Mastaram Baba, Hanuman-Shila, Rishikesh.

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