Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cow has its own Milky Way - Story 7

Don’t think cow as an ordinary animal and take them lightly. Cows have their own cosmos and a beautiful celestial universe where Lord Krishna resides and rejoices. If cows get agitated and threatened they can even kill and get rid of those who cause them agony and pain. It was an auspicious mountain worship day aka; ’Gobardhan Pooja’,during which none other than mountain deity was to be worshipped. It was believed that instead of Indra, the king of heaven, mountain seem to be protective deity and useful as it provided people and cows with grass and wonderful herbs. That is the reason why the name ‘Go-bardhan’, cow caretaker, must have been given to it. Yes, Indra helps rainfall but so what? As people and animals were giving more importance to the mountain than him, Indra got angry. This worship event became an obstacle to his pride and share. He propelled cloud of poisonous gas to harm the village with smoke. Immediately after which Indra attacked the villagers with large sized bomb like hails and with powerful flood. Everyone panicked and obviously suffered a lot. Braj was held captive and confined as Indra took control over them by creating natural calamity. Krishna had to come to rescue them.

We see that Krishna was holding the entire mountain with his little finger but the villagers were also putting some efforts to raise with their sticks. Gobardhan will rise with the blessings from Radha Rani,who is the princess of the Goloka. Some may ask if Goloka is of cows, where does Radha come into the picture as a princess? Radha herself is in the form of cow. She is the princess and protector of cows. Lord Krishna and cows can easily stop the slaughtering of cows in the world if they wish, we shouldn’t underestimate their strengths. We see many powerful people, strong warriors are involved in protecting cows. We saw many people with ego and pride like ‘Sugriba’, the monkey who helped Lord Rama in the jungle. Rama didn’t kill his brother Baali first and encouraged Sugriba also to put his efforts. Otherwise he would think he could kill Baali himself easily. Cows are also checking on us, testing our intentions and efforts and our devotions. After all she is our mother,is not she?  

When little children are learning how to walk mothers catch their hand and let hold their fingers. Children slowly learn how to walk by themselves. Mothers always think that letting them walk would help them in a long run and is the right thing to do. In the similar way,cow mothers are also watching our steps and testing us. If cows feel urgency, they will even kick Krishna out of their cosmos and send them to earth for their protection. How can you enjoy in our universe while we are suffering on earth? They won’t even let Lord Narayan sleep in the milk ocean.
‘Chhir Sagar’ is nothing but the milk ocean and when it dried up, what would the hundred headed serpent would drink? When the serpent moves then the Lord himself need to wake up from his sleep and start look for his snake deity. If he doesn’t see milk in the ocean then he has to find cows. Once he knows that devils have cows in their stomach then he has to kill all the demons to remove cows from inside. Lord Krishna got the name from cows and bulls are the vehicle of Lord Shiva. 

Remind you, Bulls don’t have bridle tied to them. When they do not like cows being slaughtered or feel in pain or suffer, they can pull Lord Shiva from Kailash down to earth with them to wipe out all the demons who are hurting cows.  ** Hari Ohm Tatsat **

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