Monday, 7 June 2010

Peace Of Me!

Alone, the lord, and you and me
nature evolved and the senses grew
Now we breadth and talk and see
it all happend before we knew.

Fortunate to again to admire
what a chance given as a gift to me
seems lucky, as it appears in mind
a counscious play of trust from thee.

Laws to govern and Love to embrace
plants to blossom and rivers to flow
tears into parts yet hold on to their-self
diamonds glitter, and the sun to glow.

I chose and worked, I'm alive again
before,I bury my planet with ease
the day I depart to wash my hands
my forts,sand castles seem to seize

Let me walk on my own pace,
as I may wish sometimes to stumble or rise
allow to take my own dive or fly
my dreams, as they're still alive and wise.

Creation, a mystery, a landscape of thoughts
connected streams, yet loose pieces of thee
take me with you at your wish and will,
but please spare my peace of me, to me !

-Ananta Risal [3/3/2003]

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