Thursday, 4 November 2010

Salute you friendly - ‘kaah kaah’ bird !!

The wisdom of the past, 
the future yet all seen.
Propagating the godly truth,
chirping, where have you been? 

Vehicle to the celestial deity,
Saturn planet homely abode
Help those poor & strangled-amen,
if lost on their crossing-road.

Dirty, noisy, sleekly, swift-
hidden message to keep us clean.
Corps, insects, swarm to swallow,
tiny eyes but briskly seen !

Lord Rama, your favorite hero by words, mind & humble heart. Eternity thou bird-in-self, Not to depart from divinely art!
Secret mysteries, long you last,
beauty queen of wings in black.
Intriguing knight of the sky,
guardian of virtues, in a pack!

Messenger of God, no stamp-posts
convey our words hence across.
Cousin to raven, flew from heaven,
muddy, buddy, lovely yet gross !
'Have I feathers, I’d be you' -
forgiving, vision to protect instead.
Eternity, you hold on tight
let loose your-self, arouse from dead.
Claws are sharp, cling to grasp,
bully but beaten ready to prey.
Speed & haste, always alert,
springing from a fodder or hay.
Head held stout, buffed up throat,
feathers drop-widen your tail.
Fear of flight? Down to earth,
rivers-ocean dare you sail?
Blend of Good and Evil in you,
twinkling eyes open & wide
Seldom you trust, clear and loud-
accept your duty, never a side.
Hope or sympathy, mutual harmony,
respect-honor, truly abide.
Prosper, plan for intimacy so
sharing, differences keeping aside.
Cleaning streets, gardens & roofs,
perching on fences, benches & poles
Anxious, to avail, corners of planet,
alive - are your noble goals !
Sing, dance, be merry and glow,
watchful vision all around.
Know your neighbor, comes and goes,
people gladly - you surround!
Wisdom of self, helps us to grow,
vision to connect each-other-wise.
Smartest of birds, thoughtful your wings,
whom you dare or bother, precise?
Nuts are favorite, drop & crack,
plenty of nests,  high in tree
Social motives, birds of prey-
Thank you, gave your service to me.
Water & earth & wind of dust
evil in black or omen in ill.
Being of gray, neutral in color-  
feather of fortune and fire of will.

We care & share with open arms, 
thus hard we plough meadow, terrains!
Scary you are while stealing crops,
selfish, rude for golden grains.
Harvest in seasons, seeds to pollen,
vulnerable but not so absurd.
Remove our filth, comfort-in-hand,
solute my friendly ‘kaah kaah’ bird !
-Ananta Risal [4th Nov, 2010 - Happy Crow Day]
*Disclaimer: All the images referenced in this poem are from Google Images *

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