Thursday, 23 May 2013

Global Laws of Cow Protection- 14

अहिंसा परमो धर्म 
Non-violence leads to highest virtues and supports morality. Non-violence leads to a true meaning of freedom, ethics
and conscious democracy. It hence reveals the ultimate purpose of life. By accepting and advocating this principle many countries have achieved their national independence. After achieving the goals with this firm conviction they often forget the past and start promoting violence again. Why do they intentionally disregard such a wonderful and a noble way of life remains as a question mark?

Why do people propagate violent intensity in the community by killing animals? Until we stop harming all living beings, we are still considered uncivilized, inhumane and cruel. Unless we embrace live and let live attitude, no matter how prosper, powerful or principled we are in a community, our peace would not last for a long time.  True meaning of nonviolence is not to torture even insects or butterflies. Without hurting yourself, how best not to hurt any creatures by act, word or mind is the highest level of nonviolence.

For example; if someone is hitting or killing a cow, it hurts us. Concealing the very pain of such an inhumane act in our heart is also a form of violence. It is illogical to say that we are taking away the peace or profit from the people by requesting them to stop this violence. The people will never be in loss if they change this violent course.    

Profits and prosperity can be drawn from other non-violent areas where they can bring in everlasting peace or newer means of conscious capital. Poachers or beef industry may argue that this may take their freedom and profits away but that is not a correct assumption. If there is an act of killing in the root it already is sinful, un-auspicious and unhealthy. The consequences are exponential compared to non-violence and peaceful coexistence.  

Once upon a time, while a little Buddha was walking in his palace his brother targeted a pigeon with his arrow and it fell just next to his feet. Buddha humbly took the spear out of the pigeon’s body, gave bird its life and kept it with him. His brother came running and asked that the bird belongs to him as it was his target. Buddha refused to hand-over as he argued that he saved the bird and now it belongs to him. They both went to their father, King Suddhodhana, for an answer. “In the local laws it mentions that corpse belongs to the one who kills, however it also mentions in the religious scripts that it belongs to the one who saves”, father gave his lawful verdict. All righteous religious scriptures are in support of saving lives. Spiritual laws have more weightage than the inherent local or natural laws. Killing brings more harm to the killer than it brings gain. If a person stops killing and slaughtering animals to avoid cruelty it brings prosperity directly to them. Eventually and obviously in return this brings peace to the community and to the country.

Non-violence is peaceful whereas violence is painful and leads to suffering. Killings gives guilt and regret, this generates inner suffer in its loss. People who save others from their grievances, guilt and sorrow are promoters of non-violence. In Manusmriti, it is said that one who eats fish are considered carnivorous as fish eats dead animals such as buffaloes, cows or in that case any dead creatures. Eating their meat is like eating any other animals. That is why it is suggested that not to even eat fish. With the similar not, killing cows is like killing every other animals. As we know cows are the most auspicious animal in the planet and even considered as a fortune giving deity. Even in our dreams, if we see a red or a black buffalo it is consider as un-auspicious or a bad luck whereas cows of any color is regarded as a good luck and a sign of upcoming prosperity, certainly not a loss. If someone is ready to set for a travel and sees calf sucking milk from her mother on his right, it is considered a very good charm. Cow is considered to be protected in every religious belief and not-worthy to be disregarded. Cows should never ever allow be slaughtering or butchering. In Islam or even in Christianity cows are considered loving, cuddling and protective. Encountering cows are considered to be as reverent and greeting as saints or hermits. Slaughtering cows are considered to be as wiping out humanity from the planet and causing sufferings to all the living creatures. Let there be peace, peace, peace!

हरि ओह्म् तत्सत् !

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