Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cow for Liberty - Story 1

Cow Services and Liberation - Story 1
In Srimad Bhagbat Geeta (aka, a divine song of Lord Krishna while milking a cow) Arjun represented as a calf, who was the originating cause of this milk-flow of wisdom. Due to her motherly tenderness and love towards her calf (symbolic human being), Geeta also proves her significance and reverence towards righteous path for humanity. Cow is an animal in the physical sense, prosperity in the form of an ambrosia in the cosmic sense and source of divine knowledge in the spiritual sense. Even in terms of physical prosperity Cow is considered the most relevant and lucrative animal in terms of yielding advantageous returns.
In the modern days, farmers may argue that what would they do with the old cows, whom have lost their milking ability. Why to incur waste of expenses to support these old animals? Interestingly serving these old cows is no waste as all. If we are able to bring all these old cows and put them in a group we can produce cow-dung for bio-fuel or used in organic farming and urine has many medicinal values. Cow dung and urine are considered auspicious and used in many Hindu rituals. A particular Hindu scripture describes cow urine as cure for many chronic diseases and a remedy of significant health reasons such as mindfulness, memory losses and as worse as anti-suicidal cases. In the modern cities, even a rubbish trash has some lucrative value, now think about the rationale behind the cow products. These are only related to her physical significance.  

Cows give milk, curd, butter, calves and many other products that have their own reverence. If we are able to greet or just view cows in the morning our days remain peaceful, auspicious and pleasant. People with Tuberculosis gets cured if they are kept in the cow shed for a while. If we are planning for a long travel and if we see cows, calves on the way - it is considered as very fortunate and fulfilling.

Above mentioned statements are still considered her physical importance in a nutshell. Cows in a cosmic sense are desire fulfilling and in extraterrestrial vastness, or the universal sense the values are beyond the earth. Even in our dreams cows are auspicious and their presence itself is considered in greatness especially in divine extent, intensity, or comprehensiveness. In terms of spirituality, the ‘Kamadhenu’ mother cow has all needed strength and capacity to liberate us from all calamities, casualties, plains of dualities and spiritual amnesia.
She has the capacity to lead us towards our highest spiritual path and navigates us towards our righteous accomplishments. Due to their selfless services towards her, she poured her blessings and many sages and hermits fulfilled their lives.
Even when she makes her natural noise it creates a positive sound vibration such as ‘amma, rambha or hum’, which is considered highly spiritual and produces ohm-energy-effect for universal peace. हरि ओह्म् तत्सत् !

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  1. Such nice comments and are pulling not just the strings of my heart, but also of my soul. Hari Hari. Sadhu Sadhu!