Sunday, 16 October 2011

Serving Women in the World !

Fulfilling your needs, your ways as is
Serving women, a humanitarian seize !
Stand up to serve them: at work at homes
Our all means through dreams or poems!

What makes them happy?- ‘Love and Peace’
Security in towns & villages - at ease
At jobs at markets, trades & fields
Safety at wars with protecting shields!
Empowering in trust or kind at heart
It’s a science - elite, a form of art !

Hunger, in greed, as they work to feed
Embrace to blossom, creations a need!
Traded for sex or sex in trade
Vulnerable you are for pleasure in bed!

Closer to children, seniors who serve
In laws by love respect you deserve
suffered for freedom, dreams apart
Service to Women, is a passion, an art !

The world begins & ends with amaze !
Attractions, appeals as she grows in age !!
Well Organized MEN, that’s what you are
Protection is needed, nearer or far !

Women as a child, daughters & youth
Sisters or nieces, mothers you soothe,
Living as Goddess! we serve & praise
Uniting clusters, aware we raise !

At shops, in jewels, elegance in nature
wisdom of care to nourish to nurture
Gender of kindness, tender & agile
stronger in mind yet conflict-fragile!

To die is to live today to offer!
To live is to die in love-of-suffer
Women need power, protection, praise
Equality at jobs, in pay, love-raise!!

Justice, in peace you taught all same,
Treated with equal as humans became
How can they ignore your service or duty?
Threats or doubts on glory your beauty ?

Leaders you are in public with pride
Princess of delight as ready to bride !
Bearing the pain to keep civics at spark
Committed yet how you’re kept in dark?

The World is flat when women’s around
Peace and Power when properly surround!
Hopes are high yet, challenges a lot
Why increase in violence, poverty alert?

Education elevates, empowers within
Constructs your destiny as situations, a win
Leadership, a must - social, a part
Bringing prosperity lets suffer depart
Equality prevails as researches acclaim
Programs, policies hence no one to blame !

For better for worse, for richer for poor
In sickness & health, in sweet or sour
In palace or slum, 'til death take us part
We pledge our faith 'til end from start !
Justice to rights, your tools to embrace
Safety to prosper hence power to press !

In sorrows and joys, in hardships and ease
We care for you now and forever please
We stay by your side all times in your life
‘Til your joy & comfort, abundance thrive!

A bond of life, a cosmos of Venus
Entangled webs of Mars & pureness
Attracted hopes of eternal flames
Together we can ignite our names !

Resources we share with needed skill
"Yes we do", we serve you with will !
'Speak-up our dear - your dreams are near
Stresses, worries now ceased, your fear!

How to measure gauge your success?
In meters, scales or needed access..
Content, quality, projects, attire?
'walk the talk'- hey humans-satire!!

Actions need bold- to sustain, re-fuel !
Agent of change, you can unite and rule
Abiding ideas in dreams with cure !
Women you’re divine, a spirited pure!!

- Ananta Risal [10/14/2011] has recently started his service at the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women !! Disclaimer: Images in this poem are borrowed from the Google search.

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