Sunday, 28 August 2011

Irene: A unique storm of its kind!!

Blunt like a blender, grinding she did & gone
Damaged dams, homes & trees, dirty is my lawn!
Angry she looked furious, fast, frustrated, frown !
Serene, blue & white is now red-black in brown!

Swift are her brooms & brushes, silent we heard her sailing taint
Picture portrayed,sketches rough; unknown such an evil in saint?
Magic of heavenly downpour from clouds, forbidden acts of history is known!
Pride of songs from the land of dark, a call of duty, claims her own !

A guest of honour, she proclaimed, eastern states of murky land
Urgent, to the mountain heights, from the ocean salty sand!
Flooded fields of waves with suffer, swarms they flee homes afar
Wanders, as naughty she is, as vagabond her natures are!

Guilty but mystery of wisdom-eye? throng of lives were force in thrived;
Seed of souls were planted alas, with pressure,heat gently rived!
Return she makes every year, swept of fear, alone at night
Alert, awakened in Self as is, taught humans from wrong to right!

Lights were shut down, bridges were closed, highways were empty barren & old 
Prosperity receded collapsed in dust, centuries of promises remembered, told
Water, sanitation, wires and phones, destructions were witnessed by all 
Raked up in the morning forgetting past, back to reality wake up we crawl!

Breaking news for many more, shores were empty, pulled apart
Removed, discharged, forced to leave-storms of tragedy,sad at heart!!
Weeping nature of wind & rain, ravaged without warning, a shame!
One of a category full of tears, Irene was her witless name!

-Ananta Risal [27th Aug, 2011, Saturday - In the memory of Irene, a 1st category storm. Dislaimer: All the images are from Google Source ]

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