Monday, 6 April 2015

Have a blissful Easter !

Festivity and a day to celebrate the youth,
A return to life after death, miracle of truth !
Easter reminds of compassion, aged and the dead,
Body has an end although spirit lives instead !
An act of crucifying - our anger and greed,
A passion of wisdom to search agreed,
A period of fasting, prayers and penance,
Heavenly abode with blissful essence !
Let the tomb of thoughts be pure and tight,
Family and kingdom be divinely bright !
Paradise of bunnies and birds and life
Colors of knowledge sprout, insight to rife !
Life moves towards a goal of permanent,
Usage by month, trust we pay, rent like a tenant.
Sun is the golden egg-womb and warmth within,
gives us all energy source-again lets us begin.

Eggs have no beginning eggs have no end,
A life be born without an enemy or a friend.
A search for many yet a decorated self,
Cells inside the shell which can exist itself.
Full-moon remains, night as bright,
Warmth of life, springs in delight.
Fertile be universe, we consciously beg
Embrace the Union with an eternal egg !
-Ananta G Risal (Happy and divine Easter to all who celebrate)

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