Saturday, 31 May 2014

Savior, Teacher, Guru and the Yogi !

Savior, Teacher, Guru and the Yogi !

You are the merciful, selflessly kind,
Sounds to a deaf, dear, eyes to a blind !
We are in the cross-roads, heavenly bright,
Grant us your wisdom,hence divinely sight!

King of the west and a prince of the God,
Savior of multitudes, Son of the Lord!
You gave up your body to resurrect from soul,
Awakened, a supreme being, peace is your goal !

Creatures have equal sense, no caste or creed,
Potentially divine yet, poor class or breed.
Your door is open and your arms are wide !
Nothing is your secret hence nothing to hide !
Not to be served, You came here to serve,
Grant us your wish, what else we deserve !
Let there be peace, Let there be light
Let there be truth, from wrong to right !

Love and compassion is your nature and name,
Away from the darkness, ego, greed and fame
Forgiving, blissful, consciously pure,
We take thy refuge, embrace us for sure ! 

- Ananta G Risal

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