Thursday, 14 February 2013

You are my Valentine !

Singles seem sad but why married look mad?
God loves us no matter-how good or bad.
Heart keeps us alive,the Soul deep in blood,
We're blissful forever, mercy from the Lord!

Relationship is honesty, to make us that 'two' !
I've learnt to love myself, to take care of you.
Respect I earn within, to honor your pride,
Purity with presence of peace inside!

Trust, you're no other than a clone of my nature,
My dignity, myself, who could save me & nurture!
Habit of my spirit, to lift up and shove!
Gravity of my life as you are my love !

I learnt & changed myself,to feel the perfect you,
God has given me his best, wishes- I have, a few.
We are all his children- but you are special, mine.
Your kindness, your Highness, I value, Valentine!!

Ananta Risal - 14th Feb 2013

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