Friday, 8 April 2011

Cognitive Demise or an Ignorant Eternity?

Lord ask us:
If we want a Collective Intelligence from the market cognition,
to bargain in a social co-operation with a network of trust and coordination,
tagging our social buddies to admire and interface the melody of your creations,
with a profound desire to serve whether we get enough needed recognitions !

Lord ask us again;
If we want to live until we become a bright soul inside but not with luxury of commodities known,
in a capitalistic economy where even open source of knowledge has a price of its own,
a dark era of freedom while everyone is bound by laws exponentially blown
civics and civilizations are marketed by illusions & simply attracted withdrawn !

Lord, please tell us;
If we have admired your mystery of creation, a wonderful paradise on earth enough
snow and fire, earthquakes, tsunami to nuclear disasters as humanly possibly although tough
a gentle paint of life & sciences with in subtle frequent thoughtful attire
temporary illusions, melodies of music, much filled with stories with such satire !!

Lord teach us;
If you want us to, determination which keeps us awake, alert always from the path of distractions
let us leave with illumination rather live not full of jargon and vessel with empty attractions,
help us come out of this realm of truth to experience a rich death fragrance
as a cognitive saint, rather a poor - funeral of a tycoon merchant of ignorance !

- Ananta Risal  8th April ‘2011

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