Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?

You are my space; you are my air
You are my earth; you are my share
You are the fire; you are my nature
You have all Deities; to fill your feature!
You are the blessings; in my prayer
You are so far yet; you are so nearer

You are my Krishna,you are my Radha
You are my Ganesh,you are my Buddha
You’re my Raama,you are my Seetaa
You are my ‘Maataa’,you are my ‘Pitaa’
You are my Gouri; you are my Shiva
You are my ‘Dharma’,you are my ‘Deva’
You are my sister, you are my brother
You are the best friend,among the other
You are my Karma, you are my speech
You are the nectar, you are the niche
You are my vision, you are my smell
You are my horn, you are the bell
You are the sound, you are my touch
You are the warmth, your taste is such
Because of you, you are my word
I will be there, I promise you Lord
I respect with charm, I bow my soul
Spare that wisdom, to meet my goal
You are my knowledge, you are my wealth
You are my system, you are my health
You are the bright-one, out-off-the-box
You are the chosen, wonder of lucks
You are the Vegan, you are the power
You hold us tight, abundant shower
You are the field, you are the laws
You are the manure, of worldly cause
If unknowingly hurt, forgive me, pardon
You are my farm, you are my garden
Energy enchanting, you are my light
You are my eyes, you added my sight
You are the seeds, organic source
Unity in universe, with cosmic force
You are the science, a blissful whole
Curd and milk and butter of bowl
You are the music, ding dong dung
You are my heart, with liver and lung
You are my ‘Guru’; you are my ‘Dhyana’
You are my breadth; you are my ‘Prana’
You are my mind; intellect my wisdom
You are my nation; you are my kingdom
You are my color, you are my race
You are my honor, you are my base
You are my caste, you are my rest
You are my goal, you are the best
You are my children, you are so pure
You are my medicine, you can all cure
You are my luxury, you are my resort
You are the shelter,for me to consort
You graze so playful, hay or in grass
You know your path, at dawn - alas!
Fodder you love, freedom - so we
I am in you and you are in me
You are my water, you are sun-shine
You are the jewels for demons-divine
You are my therapy, sweetest of all
I die for you dear, never let you fall
You are the 'Yagya'; you are the rain
You are the soothing, ointment in pain
You evolved from churning, beauty of thine
Flawless, a perfect, genuinely shrine
Galaxy, Universe are just your pass-time
Romantic sports of a rhythmic divine

You are the 'Ashram',earth take refuge
You are the essence of purity in use
Children or women, old age or youth
You are the 'Bhrahm',the ultimate truth

You are my story; you are my poem
You are the delightful,the sound of 'OM'
You are my senses, 'Chakras' and heart
You are the ecstatic, a blissful art
You are my temple, you are my church
How can we hurt you, violently lurch?

You, the Godly-gift,a meaningful prize
Take away the evil-eye, amen with wise

You're that awakened,you are that sleep
You are the constant state,serving so deep
You are my future, you were my past
You are my present,austere that last

You are my 'Ganga',You are my 'Gyan'
You are my 'Geeta',you are my 'Dham'
You're that 'Chetan', you are the 'Jad'
Who said you're invisible? You are the God!

You are a Muslim, You are a Jew
You are a Christian, a Hindu
You are a Baha'i,You are a Tao
A Native Pagan,soul of Zoro
You are that faith, symbol of root
Buddhist or a Sikh,a Jain bare-foot  

You are that Saint, Sadhu bovine
A pilgrim,a temple,a walking shrine
You are my Yoga, you are my cells
A blowing conch, with whistles and bells !

Teach me to fightback, teach me to rule
Peace-Bombs to out-smart,dumb and ridicule
Revered by Gandhi, sages and Kings -
Melodies of sacrifice, willingly sings
You are my luck; you are my charm
You know to love; never to harm
You are my product,project of thee
Freedom of choice; let you be me

You are my recitals,you're my beads
Spiritual wonder,variety of breeds
You're my 'laddu',you're my 'peda' 
You're my sweetheart,books of 'Veda' 

If you're hurt, we're all penalized
Form of a living earth, unless realized
Let you be happy,dreams come true
The righteous path-is everyone's due 
You are so faithful,ultimate,kind
You bring us together,morally bind

You are my symbols,you are chime
You are my flute,mantras those rhyme
You are my blood; you are my vine
Will you be me,my Valentine?

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