Sunday, 4 April 2004



A stream of thoughts came to me
without asking she stayed with me,
rumbled and grumbled as I grow,
she grew with me and now I know.

Behind the bars, she couldn't escape
trapped and rapt, making me blunt,
aware was I in the dark alone
compassion she taught, I humbly learnt.

One night she said, she's leaving me
felt alone while I slept and gasped,
tried and cried but gone, she left
I woke up from my forgotten past.

Cuddled and embraced, she was my child
now flew so far like a bird with wings,
surfed along the waves of life
knowledge of self, within she clings.

Alone was I, and alone will be
she-droplets of rain, and ruins with me,
breeds and leaves but never adheres
resides and surrounds but never appears.

Ignorance,a bliss, from the Lord's behalf
darkness my nature and death aside,
Ideas, she left her shadows behind
I grew up again with dreams abide.

Taught me and trained to believe and quest
unspoken, untold, enduring yet brief,
I learned to judge hence skilled to know
bride herself, but groomed me from grief !

-Ananta Risal [4/4/2004]

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